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From the Mind of a Physics Nerd's Brother

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June 19th, 2008

11:50 pm - Random stuff I found from around 3rd or 4th grade

1. what if shadow gets allergic to meow mix?
2. what if I suddenly explode?
3. what if I fall off the chairlift?
4. what if the sun explodes?
5. what if a plane crashes on the house?
6. what if the car explodes?
7. what if my teeth don't grow?
8. what if shadow cuts off my head?
9. what if the clock is too slow?
10. what if the boat doesn't float?
11. what if my pencil breaks?
12. what if I sleepwalk into a fire?
13. what if I have to get my leg amputated?
14. what if there is a black hole on the moon?

1,000,000,000,000,000,000 YEARS LATE FOR SCHOOL

Well, I was almost at coolsk [that's what I wrote. I have no idea] when suddenly a neilenae [o_O] threw me in a spaceship as well as itself and launched up over the nioro arm of the keamilk way. Then it traveled at the speed of twierel in a remee 30,000 years to the andromeda laxygal and then the neilenae steered to a tientre heilenae planet. I was a Torsitarv so it took 1,000,000 years for the safety Ketch. For some reason the remee 1,030,000 years passing didn't feckkta me on old age. I guess it was BECAUSE of that so they colked me in a gennod f 5,000,000,000 years MORE. But, I just walked out SO shvcally they let me pass. and so I lived there for 70,000 years when the rionojinal heilenae sent me 30,000 years back to the riono arm, but on smiley, the hanged roidaster jn tre Ruiper belt So me and the Heilenae wrestled for a remee 900,000,000,000,000,000 years, and nallyfine Iwon. but crestsealy another Heilenae coolsk lived nearby on the roidaster and fought me, but I was too strong for them and years ssapnig I beat the Heilenae and traveled back to coolsk and said, "sorry I'm late." THE END

January 30, 2002

Then when she was Awake, She then gleefully poured out how the wind had carried the gown up into the high, dark night sky so early and how she sank into the extremely cold snow and was sledding in the Box to the palace and the Gown was right there, ever since the powerful wind brough the gown there-and then her mother said, eh, I am glad that the wind took this Gown here rather than anything else, and thank you for your fabuloes work. THE END [o_O o_O]


My Creature is Blue except for it's stomach, which is Orange. It has skinny short legs but very Muscular arms with long claws that are brown on the Right hand, but short on the left hand. It's neck is Brown, the ears are big and Brown, a fully Orange Mouth but Black OUTLINES of the teeth. It's eyes are Red, and It's nose is green in a Rectangular shape. It's main bodyshape is like a Human and has brown mustaches and beards. It's mustache is curled only 270 degress on each side and the SHISHKABOB has a Unibrow. However, this creature is floating between Galaxies in the Virgo cluster, and the creature is then BIG!!!!!

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May 5th, 2008

09:22 pm
Back when I was my age, we didn't HAVE ham on a cob. We ate fish. RAW fish. The kind you get in the little oceans at Costco. If you could have been one, what would be the choice?

I started out writing that for no reason. I just decided that they should be Decaying Lawn lyrics.

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April 20th, 2008

09:03 pm
800 words

Speed test


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March 31st, 2008

11:14 pm - stuff
so there are two videos circulating the vast regions of the internet including a lot of footage from when I was at brian's house this weekend. It's not like I haven't already taken the one I edited myself and posted it everywhere, but they're so weird that I really don't think I'll even MENTION them here. With that being said, this post has no connection with the previously mentioned videos.

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March 25th, 2008

06:57 pm - FWANG

Moses Lake meet on Fwyday. I formed a band called 2-Methyl Hexonene (something like that, I don't remember) today. I'm wearing a pink shirt. I just rerecorded guitar parts for Decaying Lawn - Carol of the Decaying Bells. I have a copy of Galileo Galilei's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems right next to me on my desk. I have a sinking feeling that I don't remember any of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians or Colossians. Tomorrow I'm going to be handling a substance that causes cancer. On Saturday I went to Honorius' house and (without him knowing) dug through his garage/basement and found that 2 power supplies I've been missing, 2 of Jacob's CDs Honorius had kept, and even a thing of Taco Time sauce were all sitting in the EXACT same positions they were in back in October when we last saw them. I'm pretty sure we reminded him about getting them at least 84.3 times... and pathetically enough he STILL... um... has forgotten. Since he doesn't know we got them... we just snuck in during the party and left. (We left the taco sauce though) so maybe in like 3 years he'll be like "dude... charlie, you want those power supplies? I think I'll go look for them next weekend. Make that spring break." Of course, with that being said, he's better than either Brian or I at drums, and he doesn't go insane trying to be like all the other "dude were grind/deathcore and were metal, we got blast beats nd dubble bass" drummers at the battle of the bands and stuff... so I shouldn't say much more if I want to improve Decaying Lawn's chances of ever having a real drummer. And he survived to be 35 despite being associated with... "things" such as One Weak Throttle Fix. I really have no idea why I'm even writing this, especially because it's making me sound like I have some sort of opinion on stuff even though these are just random phrases pretty much... like an announcer guy reading off some random statistic and then from there rambling on about something regardless of what he actually thinks or cares about, just filling up time, but it's... fun? I don't know, you tell me. (I was of course talking to st*pid Yobby Flippypants, who keeps looking over my shoulder)

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December 31st, 2007

08:29 pm - Update! O_O
So uh... I haven't really done anything in the past 8 or so years so I'm not sure what to write about. Except for Decaying Lawn stuff, as usual. We (I) just finished the first attempt of a music video for Brad Norris Will Be Laid to Waste, which you can see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dhBc0C3F3Y but keep in mind that the whole point of the "music video" (having pictures match up to the music) was sort of messed up by the fact that youtube enjoys making the sound a little bit off... oh well.

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November 11th, 2007

06:24 pm
I'm here at a Decaying Lawn listening party in Kirkland... it's pretty crazy right now, especially because ZOMG Teh Fairies is playing at the moment. If you're clueless as to what's going on, then don't worry, it's not too late: just get your hands on a copy of Decaying Lawn's debut album Fury of the Doorknobs as soon as possible. Basically, there's nothing non-Decaying that I can think of to talk about. Bai!

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September 26th, 2007

08:57 pm - Choose.
Decaying Lawn, Rosanne Garcia, and Cassie the Hedgehog are on a boat with you. The boat starts to sink. Who do you blame?

(I should make a new livejournal in order to somehow encourage me to start actually writing stuff due to some strange psychology that miss garcia probably enjoyed studying during her pleasant psychology classes at ICS)

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August 30th, 2007

03:03 pm - hello there!
I'd just like to inform all the millions of readers that most of them have noses. So do me a favor and take your right hand... put it on your nose... and say, "Decaying Lawn is amazing." Now that you have completed the test, resume your normal activities.

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August 18th, 2007

12:04 am - Decaying Lawn
From the depths of Kirkland... and Moses Lake... comes the act of the century, Decaying Lawn!

What is Decaying Lawn?

My point of view - I spend a lot of time sitting around recording weird "music" and decided to send some stuff to Sir Brian the Manly over in the great Moses Lake, who adds "singing" and we get to pretend something called Decaying Lawn is a "band" or something like that.
Brian's point of view - Charlie is a strange person who sends unbelievably amazing music to the great Moses Lake, and in many different ways that cannot be described, a brilliant vocal touch is added by me, and Decaying Lawn prevails over all.
Elyse's point of view - Charlie and Brian got all weird one day and told me to write lyrics on a stupid gmail chat and I said "okay" then forgot about it, and they took like the next 50 lines and made an amazing song about it.
Everyone else's point of view - Decaying Lawn is nothing but decaying. It's terrible.
- OR -
Everyone else's point of view - Decaying Lawn is amazing! Check them out!

To see what a couple troubled personalities do in their spare time, check out http://www.purevolume.com/decayinglawn and enjoy.

Thank you for your time. Please send all hatemail or other email to decayinglawn@gmail.com or send cash straight to me... or Brian.

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